Vikki Morgan

Vikki Morgan

Founder Mortgage Broker, Money Mentor, Author, Public Speaker

With over 25 years of award-winning business ownership, Vikki is the Managing Director of two companies: Independent Women by Design and Ash Blue Finances, a successful finance brokerage.

Vikki was raised in country Western Australia, where at an early age she developed a hunger for better understanding money and how to create wealth. Cutting her teeth in her first job at 11 years of age, she quickly learned that if she wanted something in life it was up to her to create it.

At 16 she dropped out of school and started work in retail by day and waitressing at night.  It wasn’t until Vikki was 36 that she landed on her feet, carving her success in the finance industry where she has received many awards and travelled the globe.

Author and Public Speaker, Vikki’s book You, Money and Your Big Butt, reveals her first-steps strategy for becoming more aware and taking ownership of your life so that you can get back into the driver’s seat and create a life you want to live.

Vikki has qualifications in Mortgage Broking, Financial Planning and Training along with a wealth of experience gained from operating businesses in the Financial, Retail, Wholesale and Network Marketing sectors.

“The greatest gift a person can give themselves is financial independence.” – Vikki Morgan