Stevette Baxter

Stevette Baxter

Mortgage Broker, Car and Equipment Finance

Stevette commenced her working career 37 years ago in the banking industry as a junior clerk and rapidly progressed through the ranks to senior roles in transactional banking, insurance and lending.

Stevette’s Greek heritage and experience owning her own businesses means she understands “the value in saving a dollar” and with this understanding she assists her clients in saving money through debt consolidation, equipment and passenger vehicle finance, commercial finance and mortgage refinancing. She also has vast experience in property investment and development after buying, developing and selling numerous properties over the years.

Additionally, with over 12 years experience in passenger, commercial vehicle and truck dealerships, she has helped save her clients thousands of dollars before they committed to finance or the purchase at the dealership. Stevette has enjoyed working with such brands as Mercedes-Benz (passenger vehicles and trucks), Audi, Honda and Toyota.

“The most rewarding part of my role is adding up the savings for my clients” – Stevette Baxter